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[SOLD] HeadAmp GS-1

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  1. Valens7
    Not the original owner, acquired from @Roger5. See his detailed listing for pics and relevant info. Light additional use by myself, but otherwise no different than described previously.

    If a silver GS-1 in excellent condition is something you might be interested in, then drop me a line. This unit has a DACT stepped attenuator and the original dynalo output modules. Rare to find one of these in such great shape, given its age. Still an excellent headphone amp, but my tastes have changed too much since in the years since I last owned one.

    I'd prefer to sell this amp to a buyer within the USA. Price includes shipping. Via PayPal

    [Mod edit - removed Paypal Gift option - forbidden]
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  2. Valens7
  3. purk Contributor
    Great amp. I will buy this over the Liquid Carbon any day of the week.
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  4. Valens7
  5. Valens7
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