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Sold: HE90

  1. saint.panda Contributor
    Edit: Sold

    Excellent condition, bought it from seacard about 2 months ago.

    - HE90 #328 from the latter batch of the Meier group buy
    - wooden box
    - documents
    - cardboard box
    - Stax / HE90 adapter (plus separate extension cable)

    I initially wanted to do a trade with a headfier but that deal didn't happen, so I'm checking the interest on these for now.

    The sound is not pratty and impactful enough for my tastes but on the other hand, I'm not quite sure yet if I want to sell them since I still need to hear them from a stellar amp, i.e. better than a 007tMK2 so just an interest check at the moment. I'm leaving for China middle of July, so the deal would have happen before that. Otherwise, I'll just hang on to them since the dollar is pretty weak at the moment anyways.

    Partial trades I'm interested in:
    - L3000
    - Playstation 3 (European version)

    My feedback.

    Pictures are here: http://photo.head-fi.org/showgallery.php?cat=1000

  2. randerson3024 Contributor

    I bid $7,000 + shipping expenses.


  3. saint.panda Contributor
    Ok, just gave it more thought today and I think I'm letting them go for good.

    Uploaded the pics.

    Please send me one final offer via pm by (edit2) Wednesday. For a partial trade, the L3000 is worth $2300 to me including shipping.

    Note: The HE90 will be sent to Sennheiser Germany first because it rarely (i.e. 2 times since I've had it) exhibits the channel imbalance issue when using a Stax amp with 580V bias voltage. According to reports on headfi, this isn't detrimental to the sound when it's not happening (simply the membranes sticking and de-sticking once it's over) and also shouldn't occur with a proper HE90 amp with 500V bias voltage. But I'm sending it in anyway just to be on the safe side of things and because I can send it from my home town in Munich where shipping is cheap because within Germany anyway. This way the pair you receive will be straight from factory so to speak, just to add another layer of quality control. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact me.
  4. saint.panda Contributor
    Sold for $8100. Thanks for everybody's interest.
  5. daveDerek Contributor
    congrats on your sale and thanks for sharing the $8100 sale price with us.

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