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SOLD : Gustard H10

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  1. auvgeek
    Selling my excellent condition Gustard H10 headphone amplifier. I am the original owner, and it will ship in the original packaging. This amp sounds great, especially for the price. It has fully customize-able gain settings. Single-ended headphone output; balanced or unbalanced inputs. I ran a number of cans with it: DT880, DT-150, HE-560, LCD-2F. I think it's a particularly good match with the planars (HE-560 and LCD-2F). It's been compared favorably to the Lyr2 and other more expensive amps when paired with the HE-560. Only selling because I went HE-6 + speaker amp.

    Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. No international shipping; no trades. It's all packed up and ready to ship!

    DSC07285.JPG DSC07286.JPG DSC07288.JPG
  2. mmmadog
    Hey trying to find more info on this amp. Does Gustard still make products and would you know how much power this puts out into 600ohm. I have the DT880 and using a Aune dac amp and it just not enough clean power for the DT880 or even my K701.
  3. mmmadog
    Just found the specs I was looking for. I also noticed on the back it says 230 volt??? Very interested. Let me see if it's in my budget. Thanks..........................Matthew
  4. auvgeek
    It has been sold. So as not to freak the buyer out, the amp is 115V with a US plug, despite what it reads on the back. The voltage was set internally by the mfg.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2017
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