***SOLD***Gustard A20H Balanced DAC/Amp Combo - Mint

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  1. SeeSax
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    Hi Friends,

    I'm downsizing my gear and simplifying my setup so this is one of my two DAC/amp combos to be listed for sale. This is a warranty replacement straight from Gustard and has been used for a few months. It comes with the box, power cable, USB cable and I think the manuals are in there. It's in like new condition and has a wonderful, musical sound from the AK4497 DACs. I primarily used this with IEMs and used the 4-pin XLR to 2.5mm adapter for my balanced IEM cables. Sound was again outstanding. Plenty of power as well.




    Thanks for your interest,

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  2. SeeSax
    Bump and price drop to $550. This wonderful DAC needs a good home.
  3. SeeSax
    Bump and now $500 shipped to your door. Where else can you get a balanced, dual AK4497 setup for this price? :) Let's find this a good home.
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