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SOLD : Grado Sr325i Gold Version - PRICE DROPPED!

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  1. musaji
    Selling Grado sr325i rare gold version. They are in a very good condition. Please see the pictures.

    I don't have the original box nor the 3.5 mm adaptor but i will securely package and ship in a box.

    The pads are in good shape. I have additional flat pair unused.

    Price includes shipping and paypal fee.

    20170806_164855.jpg 20170806_164858.jpg 20170806_164914.jpg 20170806_164922.jpg 20170806_164934.jpg 20170806_165014.jpg 20170806_165115.jpg 20170806_165135.jpg 20170916_120533.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2017
  2. musaji
    seems like I never added the pictures. They are available now.
  3. musaji
  4. musaji
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