SOLD: Grado SR225 [US]
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Jul 10, 2009

I bought these new in Dec 08. I thought I was getting the 225i, but alas I made a mistake when ordering online. I kept them anyway and came to like them very much. I imagine they have about 200 hours on them. They still sound great. I'm playing in Sennheiser and AKG land at this point in time and don't give these phones very much love anymore. I know I will come back to Grado in the future (would love to hear the RS, GS, and PS). The pads are still in great shape. The silver finish on the raised lettering on the back of the cups has rubbed off in spots (see photo). If I'd known it would come off that easy, I would have been much more gentle with them!

$120 obo PayPal'd & shipped USPS Priority to the continental US only.

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