(Sold) Grado RS-2 “Button” ed.w/case final price drop

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Hifi59, Aug 3, 2018.
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    8052A160-27C1-4FF1-B733-DD7EC4F7D625.jpeg 4273A9EF-B7F7-4D3D-B0D3-F9FC995A4787.jpeg 92100337-9359-47AC-AD1C-298CCCB2C85B.jpeg 53591288-0B8D-471D-9686-9386663183A5.jpeg 383057EC-3043-421E-83FD-E322B88F1765.jpeg 82AEE201-5B14-4080-B9E6-5D99CE58E6B4.jpeg
    This is the rarely seen and sold Grado RS2 button edition in excellent condition . ***BONUS... I am including a 2 week old distressed padded leather headband that cost me $35 AND a zippered hard case. The original black headband is also included.

    I love the sound of these things! Only selling because I have nine other pair of headphones and I’m just trimming down a bit. These particular Grados actually have pretty good bass and if you want even more bass all you have to do is apply the scotch tape mod to the outer perimeter of the ear cushions. It makes a big difference even though they sound great without the mod. Just apply a layer of scotch tape along the outer perimeter of the earcushions. It’s that simple and obviously easy to undo. These are in great shape except a *tiny indentation* on the bottom of one of the cups that even I never noticed until I took photo. Price includes PayPal and shipping to lower 48.
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  2. lumohomo06
    Still available?
  3. Hifi59

    It’s currently still available.

  4. Hifi59
    Price drop! Snag these up. Great Grados!
  5. Hifi59
    Added zippered hard case..
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    Final price drop! This is a great buy.
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