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SOLD: Grado RS-1i

  1. wovenhand
    Due to hard financial times, these have to go.
    I bought these brand new in April this year and they have maybe 30 hours of head time. That's it. I just prefer my D7000's.
    They've been stored in their box while not being in use (which, in this case is most of the time).
    Also, I must apologize for the sub-par pictures, the wife is out of town and has the only good camera with her. They look _a lot_ better in real life. The wood has a lovely natural color and is not at all purple-ish as the picture shows.

    Included is:
    * The pizza box + documentation
    * Grado extension cable
    * Grado 1/4" to 1/8" converter cable
    * A pair of brand new extra Grado bowls

    These are in the exact condition as I received them in and have always been in a smoke, child & pet free home. The headphones themselves look beautiful, but as you see in picture #3, it looks like Grado managed to offset the small indentations (which I assume was supposed to fit directly into the Y-splitter) as well as the cable being "compressed" in one spot, most likely due to the pizza box storage.
    Many other have reported their RS-1i's having this exact same look, so it's not just my pair.

    Price: $SOLD USD + shipping.
    I will ship worldwide and payment either via PayPal or (if you're located in Sweden) directly to my bank account.

    Questions? Just PM me!
    Check out my immaculate feedback and purchase with confidence!
  2. wovenhand
    Bump bump
  3. nilanjan
    I can confirm the cable compressions are only cosmetic. My brand new SR-60i has them too and it works perfectly.
  4. wovenhand
    Thanks nilanjan for confirming the cosmetic issue with the cable. [​IMG]
  5. wovenhand
    I'm vacationing for a few days so I might be a bit slow to reply. Just so you know. [​IMG]
  6. spahn_ranch
  7. wovenhand
    Sale pending
  8. wovenhand

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