SOLD: Grado RS-1 with Buttons.
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Apr 17, 2008
I have a pair of Grado RS-1s which I have been listening to over the past two months, recently purchased from an upstanding Head-Fi member. In their two homes they have been kept in smoke and pet free environments and have been very well cared for.

They come with the Original box (Serial number 3379) as well as an extension cable and the 1/4 to 1/8th inch connector which it retails with.
In terms of quality, There is a small indentation on the right earcup which does not produce any discoloration, however is visible through close inspection and can be seen in the picture. Otherwise, the headphones are in perfect physical condition, with mid to dark colored wood and lighter buttons. Acoustically, they sound wonderful.

The reason I am selling is an issue of comfort. I am unable to deal with the discomfort produced by supra-aural headphones, regardless of the type of pads I put on them: crushed, washed, bowl or flat (the RS-1s will come with stock bowl pads, the extras were borrowed from a friend on campus to see if it helped).

I would like to get $SOLD Shipped in the CONUS via non-cc paypal, which is what I paid less a reasonable premium, or trades for HD650s + Cash.

Here are a few pictures, I apologize as the flash seemed to wash out some of the beautiful character of the wood, however I think they are good enough to get an idea of their appearance and condition. If you require better pictures please PM me and I will do my best.

Here is my feedback, with more coming soon as I have an amp on its way to a new owner as well: Feedback

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