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[SOLD] FS: ZMF Atticus (Purpleheart)

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by pure5152, Nov 7, 2018.
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  1. pure5152
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Selling a rare Purpleheart ZMF Atticus in like-new condition. I bought this B-Stock directly from Zach in October 2018, and have used it for <10 hours. According to zach, only 5-6 purpleheart atticus/eikon combined were ever made.

    While it's b-stock, zach mentioned the purpleheart atticus was "new or with extremely minor finish use". I looked hard to try and find any potential "b-stock defects", and the only thing I could find was an extremely minor chip on the bottom of the headphone (see picture below). Otherwise, it's in perfect condition.

    Regarding purpleheart wood: I had the chance to compare my purpleheart eikon with a cherry eikon, and from my experience the purpleheart sounded faster, with more defined attacks and a slightly tighter, deeper bass. This is likely because purpleheart is a very dense wood, with a janka hardness of 2520, vs 1150 for cherry. The purpleheart atticus retains these qualities, sounding faster than the cherry eikon too. Aesthetically, the purpleheart has a reddish-purply-brown color under ambient light, but when shown under a direct light source, shimmers a beautiful raspberry purple. The atticus I have is actually more beautiful than my eikon, with a slight wave on the right cup and a nicer grain pattern...

    I bought both the purpleheart eikon and atticus because I didn't know which one I would prefer, and ended up liking both for different reasons. The atticus's added midbass/warmer/darker signature reproduces more of a real "venue-like" sound, with vocals, bass guitar and drums sounding rich and full. Comparing the atticus and eikon, the atticus also actually has better microdynamics, and sounds like the more resolving headphone. The eikon, on the other hand, has better subbass and overall better clarity from not so much mid bass. For the music I listen to, which is mostly electronic/modern indie rock, and for my current setup of gumby -> lyr 3, I prefer the eikon, but I can see someone easily preferring the atticus if they listen to a lot more live recordings/jazz/classical.

    I would keep both if I could, but I'm trying to save up money for the zmf verite ($2399) and a new laptop, so unfortunately I have to sell this purpleheart atticus.

    I also have a ZMF Atmos S (silver plated OCC copper) XLR cable, with a Atmos S XLR-to-1/8" adapter. This cost me $250, but I'll give it to you for $SOLD. It's a significant upgrade to the standard cable it ships with, with much wider soundstage and air. The silver cable adds some more treble to the otherwise dark atticus, making it a great complement. Why not keep it and use it with my eikon? With the eikon and my current setup, it's a little too bright; I prefer the Atmos C (copper) with the eikon, and the Atmos S (silver) with the atticus.

    Either way, it comes with the standard cable, the original seahorse case, and owner's card (note: Zach messed up and gave me an Auteur owner's card instead of an atticus owner's card. Doh.). Lambskin Pads and head-band are in excellent condition (see below). It also includes the new lighter zmf headband style.

    Asking for $SOLD, with shipping to CONUS and PayPal fees included. No trades, as I'm looking for cash for other purchases (see above). Thanks!








    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
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  2. nazrin313
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  3. pure5152
    XD This made me laugh. Thank you man!
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  4. UGA1980
    Man if I didn't have a Bloodwood ZMF Eikon coming in I would be all over this.
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  5. Regnum
    Really nice looking set, Glws!
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  6. pure5152
    Thanks man! I tried hard to take nice photos, but it's hard to capture the slight iridescence the purpleheart has when seen in person in a still photo from my iPhone X... :)
  7. pure5152
    Sale pending! Thank you all for all of your interest and offers :)
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