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SOLD! FS: PlusSound 2-pin Bluetooth Cable Poetic Series $120

Trader History (4)
  1. DAhn626
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Best offer:
    Hi everyone!

    Selling a like-new bluetooth cable for 2-pin IEMs from PlusSound. This is from the Poetic Series, copper (type 6 litz). The colors of the sleeve are blue and bronze.

    I got it because I knew it would be SO convenient to have at work, especially with its rated 10+ hours of battery life, but my work laptop is super finicky with the bluetooth and I'm on calls all day, so I have to be wired in...

    I've used these for a total of maybe 2 hours, so they are basically like new.
    IMG_9391.jpg IMG_9390.jpg IMG_9389.jpg
    Bought for $170, yours for $120 shipped in the US. [​IMG]

    Some folks did a review of this cable here:
    NOTE: Some of the reviews state that the module is upside down - I specifically requested that they flip the thing around and they did. The "+" is up and the "-" is down on my cable :)
    NOTE 2: The connectors were originally HUMONGOUS. So big that I complained to PlusSound and said the connectors are unnecessarily large, so they altered it for me.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
  2. DAhn626
    PRICE DROP! $120 since I see I have some competition...

    Time to run a smear campaign...my bluetooth module is configured the more intuitive way with the "+" facing up and "-" facing down :p

    Just kidding..good luck to the guy selling his as well!
  3. DAhn626
    Bump bump!
  4. DreMag
    Hey, still for sale? Looking for exactly this!
  5. rishan
    Hi, still for sale?

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