SOLD : FS Millet Mini-Max (MMM) Tube Amplifier Built 2009 $285
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May 20, 2009
I'm selling one of the Mini-Max amps I built earlier in the year. The MiniMax is a hybrid headphone amplifier that uses both tubes and solid state technology.

You can read the overview here:
MiniMAX Overview
Mini Millett Max Tube Amp


This one has Nichicon Fine Gold capacitors making it better suited for low impedance head-phones like Grados without any reduction in bass. It will also drive high impedance headphones just fine. I used Nichicon Muse ES in the CA2 positions, Wima's at C9 and Vitamin Q to by pass at CA7, what does this all mean?

You get deep slamming bass with fantastic highs!

The BJT Diamand Buffer stage uses BD137/BD138's the review for the buffer reads:
discrete diamond buffer - parts list, "neutral to warm sound, strong bass, yet detailed."

It's currently kitted out with 12FM6 tubes you can order more or try the 12AE6 for more Bass or try the 12FK6 tubes for an airy sound, all available from:

I matched the transistors to within 5% for each channel, all resistors are Vishay Dale @1%, volume pot is an ALPS 50K. It also includes a relay to protect your headphones from rogue voltages at first power on. Full BOM is available here:

It's a great amp to compliment a good set of headphones.

As you can see, parts alone come to $228. Pre-built from WhiplashAudio they sell for new $450.

More pictures are available here:
Picasa Web Albums - GoodLad - MiniMax Tube Amp

You get a big sound from a small package!

(US Wall Wart is included)
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Jul 29, 2009
Ummm... buy this immediately. Excellent price, excellent amp. Listening to Neil Young live with my RS1is through it right now and it sounds wonderful.

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