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[Sold] FS: MEE Pinnacle P1 + Accessories/Box

Trader History (25)
  1. foreverzer0
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    Best offer:
    Excellent condition with all original accessories and packaging. Never used the stock tips. Also have a balanced 2.5mm cable and a variety of after market tips I.e different spinfits and jvc spiral dots.
  2. soundhunger
    Ive been eyeing these for a while now, along with the recently ended Massdrop PX version, and was wondering how they're affected by the balanced cable--and which cable do you have?
  3. foreverzer0
    Very expanded soundstage and I have the ve espresso cable terminated to 2.5mm. However, the P1's have been sold. Let me know if you want the cable.
  4. maddog2020
    How much for the cable?
  5. foreverzer0

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