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(SOLD) FS: LCD-2C Classic, extra options - Mint - Original owner

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by gearofwar, Jun 2, 2018.
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  1. gearofwar
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    •   United States
    I have a mint Audeze LCD-2C , rarely used it if not maybe once or none weekly because I was never really at home. It's a few months old and still in warranty with me being the original owner.
    I'm selling this because I don't use desktop equipment at all and they are sitting idle for too long. Basically, you are getting a like new headphone with low hours of usage and from non-smoking environment.

    Includes a Audeze heavy-dute carrying case that didn't come with it originally. I would recommend this case if you travel around, 2C is awesome hp out of any portable devices and it weights alot lighter than any other lcds. If you want it, just add $100.

    Any additional options would be PW No.5 upgrade cable with 2.5 mm and 2.5 mm to XLR No.5 8-wires adapter. I can make them $200 flat extra if you are looking for a worthy upgrade cable with great versatility. No.5 is one of the best cables you can buy for sound quality under 500 and it's still a bargain on my book.

    Pm me if you have any offer. I'm located in NY.
    Price includes shipping fee, you will need to take care of paypal fee and it can be gifted as I have done it before with people here .So buy with confident

    Long story short, I did compare 2C against a couple of heavy hitter on Taurus MK2 : Focal Clear, LCD3 prefazor, K1000, HD800, AFO. In fact, LCD2C actually pushed out more details than LCD3 (while its weight and new headband comfort are ways above), 2C has more refined, natural, textured low compared to Clear that makes the Clear bright and thin (this comparison was done in a group , at least 2 people prefer 2C over Clear for guitar and string instrument). The headphone itself is a bargain at its MSRP and it can scale if you have a good amp and if you don't it still sounds fine out of portable devices (one of the reasons LCD3 can't beat) . LCD2C is not the same as any previous LCD2 that I have tried because Audeze actually keeps revising their driver. It was the only reason to get me inside the Audeze camp.
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  2. gearofwar
  3. Hokieboy01
    Any interest in 64 audio U8?
  4. gearofwar
    not at the moment
  5. gearofwar
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