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*SOLD* [FS/FT] Maxxed Out ECP / Beezar Torpedo III Bundle w/ $450 in tubes

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  1. BombayTheIndian
    For Sale or Trade
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    •   United States
    I'm selling a maxxed out ECP / Beezar Torpedo III Tube/Hybrid Parafeed Headphone Amp Bundle. Please note that I will not split anything out. US shipping only (I'm shipping from NM, zip code 87110). I was so impressed with this amp plus a pair of TH-X00EB that I took the plunge and bought a pair of LCD-4s and a Mjolnir Audio balanced amp to see just how much further I could take great sound to. This amp was voiced with HD650s and has been reported as having incredible sound with all Sennheisers, including HD800/HD800s.

    03/09 Price: $900 + shipping and fees
    03/12 Price: $850 + shipping and fees
    03/15 Price: $800 + shipping and fees (SOLD)
    Total value of package: $1,900

    • Fully Maxed Torpedo III Amp (Cinemag output transformers, Mundorf Al-Oil parafeed capacitors, Constant-Current Supplies (CCS))
    • GE 6072 5-Star Tubes - 2 pairs
    • GE 6072 Tubes - 3 total
    • PSVane 12AT7 Tubes - 1 pair
    • RCA 6072 Tubes - 1 pair
    • JAN 12AY7 Tubes - 1 pair
    • EH 12AY7 Tubes - 1 pair
    • TAD 12AY7 Tubes - 1 pair
    • Iron Lung Jellyfish Power Cable
    • Caig DeoxIT Gold GxMD Vacuum Tube Survival Kit
    The tube selection alone cost ~$450 alone and represent the best rolling options for different sonic signatures based on comprehensive testing, and the completed maxxed out Torpedo IIIs cost $1,325. If you have any questions about anything I'm selling or about me as a seller, please let me know! Note that the username in the first photo is my name on Reddit.

    I'm also interested in trades for warmer headphones, dynamic or planar magnetic. Preferably something close in value to what I'm selling this amp for.

    IMG_2787.jpg IMG_2788.jpg IMG_2789.jpg IMG_2790.jpg IMG_2791.jpg IMG_2792.jpg IMG_2793.jpg
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  2. BombayTheIndian
    Price drop + bump
  3. BombayTheIndian
    Final price drop + bump
  4. BombayTheIndian

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