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SOLD - FS: Chord Hugo TT Silver (EU)

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  1. odessamarin
    For Sale
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    • Anywhere
    ----- SOLD ------------

    Up for sale my outstanding Hugo TT, wonderful DAC + headphone amp.

    Complete with Chord box, original papers, user manual leaflet, remote, cable, Bluetooth USB dongle and genuine power supply.

    In absolutely pristine condition, not a single scratch or marking.
    It's still under 5 years Chord warranty (from 2015).

    Price excludes Paypal fees and delivery to Europe (EU).


    HugoTT.jpg IMG-20181101-WA0014.jpg IMG-20181101-WA0015.jpg IMG-20181101-WA0016.jpg IMG-20181101-WA0017.jpg IMG-20181101-WA0018.jpg IMG-20181101-WA0019.jpg IMG-20181101-WA0020.jpg IMG-20181101-WA0021.jpg IMG-20181101-WA0022.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
  2. odessamarin
    price drop
  3. odessamarin
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019

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