[SOLD] FS Canon Rebel T1i with many Extras!!!
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Oct 22, 2007
I am selling my Canon Rebel T1i with many extras. I am selling this because I want to upgrade to EOS 7D. 
I am listing all extra items and its MSRP up here. Some of the extra items are brand new. 
I am not sure if I can list Camera up here, but I see people listing video games or something not related to music. If it is prohibit to list this item, please kindly let me know. I will remove it and put this on Ebay. 
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Pictures and table below:
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Original Camera Kit:
Canon EOS T1i
EFS 18-55mm IS
Retail box and all original accessories inside (some aren't open yet)
Condition: Like New
List of 12 Extra Items:
Extra Item01 Canon EP-EX15 II   $17.95
Extra Item02 EXiM Screen Protector (already mount on the screen)  $9.99
Extra Item03 Marumi Super Lens Protector (made in Japan)  $48.00
Extra Item04 Extra Lens Cap (shows Ultrasonic)  $9.99
Extra Item05 Pro Strap Snap On Leather Neck Belt (New) (Original Canon belt included)  $35.00
Extra Item06 3rd Party Battery Grip  $35.00
Extra Item07 Extra 3rd Party Battery x 2  $20.00
Extra Item08 Giottos Rocket-Air  $9.99
Extra Item09 Flash Diffuser for 580EX from Adorama (New)  $14.95
Extra Item10 AA Battery x 6 (New)  $5.00
Extra Item11 3rd Party Close Up Lens Filter Set (come with pouch and 4 lens filters +1 +2 +4 +10) (New)  $39.99
Extra Item12 Class 6 / 8G SDHC Memory Card  $18.99
Total Extra Item Value
Total Price (T1i+Lens+12 Extra Items)
Please PM and Make Your Offer

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