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SOLD - FS - ALO Ref 8 MMCX 3.5mm

Trader History (110)
  1. rantng
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    ALO Reference 8 cable. MMCX w/3.5mm termination. These were sent back to ALO for a checkup and there are no issues with them. I’ve put maybe an hour on them since getting them back. Price includes fees & shipping, CONUS only.

  2. Case yager
    interested FL
  3. rantng
    FYI, I sent these back to ALO after I experienced issues with the right side cutting out. Turns out the issue was with my IEMs not the cable, but ALO gave them a full checkup and sent them back to me.
  4. rantng
    Sold. Thanks for the interest everyone.

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