*SOLD* FS: Alien DAC w/top components: SOLD shipped
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Jan 6, 2008


For sale is a very nice USB Alien DAC built by FallenAngel and bought by me three weeks ago. I would like $100 by PayPal only, which will include shipping within the
US only.

This DAC sounds terrific – here is how FallenAngel described it: “it's a fairly nice build, Panasonic FM main PSU cap, Elna Silmic II regulator caps and some very sweet AuriCap 1.0uF outputs with Teflon RCAs.” I wanted to try a high-grade Alien DAC build (meaning best parts I could get) to see if the whole computer to DAC to amp thing is for me. I may try computer audio again, but for now my ten year old Sony DVP-S7000 DVD player (originally priced at $1200 in 1997) sounds better than the Alien DAC. For perspective, I would say that the S7000, to my ears, is about 99% perfect and that the Alien DAC is, by direct comparison only, 90% perfect. This Alien DAC has a warmish midrange, and excellent detail and texture without being bright or analytical – a pretty remarkable combo in my book. It has ever-so-slightly less instrument separation than the S7000, but the mids are a tad more forward. I have listened to it paired with a Darkvoice 336i amp and Senn HD600 phones with Cardas cable. The DAC is quite responsive and lightning quick – a quality I found difficult to describe fully. It reminds me of the AKG K340: how it can be laid-back and fast at the same time, never straining. I would think that this DAC might be better matched, because of the slight warmth, to a cooler-sounding amp or to phones like Grado or some AKG.

Sorry if this all reads more like a review than an ad, but I figure with a DIY product some reference is valuable since it’s a unique device. If I didn’t have the S7000, I would be quite happy with this DAC since it delivers far better sound than other CD players or iPod solutions I have tried. As seen in the pictures, it is small and portable, and also quite lightweight. Please email me any questions. Thanks!








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