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(SOLD) Forza Audio Noir Hybrid HPC for Focal, Beyerdynamic, Denon, Meze

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  1. gnidrolog
    For Sale
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    I am selling this great headphone cable suitable for following headphones: Focal Elear, Elex and Clear; Beyerdynamic T1 2, Tp5 2 and Amiron Home; Klipsch HP3; Denon AH-D600, AH-D7100, AH-D7200; Meze 99 Classics.
    Cable is 1,5 m long with 3,5 mm jack. Still in a very good condition, from non-smoking and pet free home. Original packaging. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees.
    Thanks for looking!
    Forza_1.jpg Forza_2.jpg IMG_20170905_124242.jpg IMG_20170905_124412.jpg IMG_20170905_124500.jpg IMG_20170905_124517.jpg
    Last edited: May 28, 2018
  2. gnidrolog
  3. gnidrolog
    Bump... I accept the best offer, off course...
  4. gnidrolog
    Bump again!
  5. gnidrolog
    Up! Shipping cost & PayPal fees on me...
  6. gnidrolog
  7. gnidrolog
    Sold now!

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