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(sold) For Trade: Sennheiser M2AEBT in Black, excellent condition in box

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  1. faultfracture
    For Trade
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    • Anywhere
    Recently picked these up but its makes more sense for me to trade them because I prefer wired headphones anyway, I only used them twice. They come in the original box with all original accessories. Terrific noise cancelling and sound quality overall for a BT headset.

    My feedback here speaks for itself and I have tons more where that came from on eBay.

    Will ship from the upper midwest via USPS priority mail unless otherwise specified or requested.

    m2aebt1.jpg m2aebt2.jpg m2aebt3.jpg m2aebt4.jpg m2aebt5.jpg m2aebt6.jpg m2aebt7.jpg
  2. trellus
    What wired headphones in particular interest you?
  3. faultfracture

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