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[SOLD] FOR SALE: Norne Audio Silvergarde S3 Cable for ZMF / Audeze / Empyrean

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  1. Velozity
    For Sale
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    I'm selling my Norne cable to fund some other things. This is only 4 months old. It's in mint condition. The sound is a spectacular upgrade from pretty much any other cable. There are numerous reviews that I'm sure you've already researched. Here is the configuration:

    Silvergarde S3 - 4-wire (4 x 20awg) - Pure silver occ litz - cotton multicore 11-core - infused polymer center core -
    multi-layer (cotton + teflon) - pure textile headphone cable
    - Headphone Type: ZMF (mini-xlr, black with copper metallic logo R and silver metallic logo L)
    - Length: 5 ft.
    - Cable Termination: Oyaide P285T 1/4" connector (silver barrel)
    - Silvergarde Sleeve #1: *exclusive* Black with dual metallic tracer (copper + silver)
    - Silvergarde Sleeve #2: Brown/Black (herring bone)
    - Premium Splitter Options (optional): *new* Dark Copper Triangle with silver raised inlay

    MSRP $708 USD


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  2. Velozity
    Dropped the price for quicker sale.
  3. Blommen
    How does it pair up with your Eikons?

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