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  1. money4me247 Contributor
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    Downsizing my headphone collection. This is an open dynamic driver pair of headphones. Like-new condition. Includes all original accessories and packaging. Also will include custom-built ~10ft balanced cable from Mimic Cables (~$160), terminates with a 4-pin XLR male for those with balanced amplifiers.

    Manufacturer website:
    Original MSRP: $4000

    Asking price $2,200. Not looking for trades at this time.

    Pictures in spoiler tag for those on mobile devices with limited data
    2018-09-15 14.47.25.jpg 2018-09-15 14.48.19.jpg 2018-09-15 14.49.36.jpg 2018-09-15 14.50.51.jpg 2018-09-15 14.51.29.jpg 2018-09-15 14.51.59.jpg 2018-09-15 14.52.29.jpg 2018-09-15 14.52.52.jpg 2018-09-15 14.53.47.jpg 2018-09-15 14.54.08.jpg 2018-09-15 14.54.35.jpg 2018-09-15 14.54.47.jpg 2018-09-15 14.55.04.jpg 2018-09-15 14.56.29.jpg

    Please PM me with any questions.
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  2. Goosepond
    PM sent.

  3. masahito24@chart
  4. 1BADJAD
  5. mohuo
    I want to buy it!
    Can you send to japan?
  6. Ryouta Sasaki
  7. 1BADJAD
    PM'd a second time. :)
  8. CorvetteGarage
    Good deal here...
  9. 1BADJAD
    I know huh? :)
  10. money4me247 Contributor
    Finalizing sale and pending shipment. Item considered sold. Will update thread if this changes, and will close thread once buyer receives item.
  11. money4me247 Contributor
    Items have been received by buyer and transaction has been finalized. Will close thread.
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