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[SOLD] Focal headphone original case (for Utopia, Elear)

Trader History (2)
  1. racebit
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    Original Focal case for Utopia, Elear, Clear and Elegia headphones.

    Absolutely brand new, never used. Came with my Clear Headphones, but I don't use carrying case.

    12 Euros shipping to all Europe.
    19 Euros shipping to rest of the world.



  2. The Correlation
    I would honestly suggest keeping it as the loss in value from selling a Clear without its case is probably the same, if not more, than your sale price.
  3. racebit
    It is very unlikely I will sell the Clear, I never sold any headphone, but even if I do, the depreciation will be mostly from use. Headphones, and the Clear in particular, are prone to show clearly marks of use. Although some people want the case, many do not.
    But you see I want to upgrade my Mojo to another Chord DAC, and those are very expensive, every bit can help. I am looking around the house checking all things that I don't want/use, and that can be sold... :)
    The Clear balanced cable was already sold today, the other two I am keeping because I use them.
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  4. The Correlation
    Ah right, fair point. Sorry, I'm so used to buying/selling that I've never though "hmm I'll sell this accessory since I'm keeping this". Congrats on finding the endgame :) and good luck with selling the case too!
  5. racebit
    Price reduced
  6. racebit
  7. racebit
  8. racebit
    Final price reduction. If does not sell, will keep it.
  9. AmusedToD
    I can get it for 75 EUR from my dealer, brand new. Better keep it to yourself as the price is too high.
  10. racebit
    AmusedToD, I really appreciate your help finding the right price to sell it.
    I don't buy from dealers, I always buy online, directly from manufacturer (if possible) or not.
    In this case, as with other things I sell, I did a search online, and the best prices I found were 150 Eur or 150 USD. Then applied a 2/3 factor to guarantee a killer price.
    Also to help people who may be interested in buying one, could you please point where it can be found at that great price.

    BTW, great nick name. I'm also RG fan.
  11. AmusedToD
    Hey mate, just suggesting you keep the case (If you are to keep the Focal cans), or perhaps sell it together with the cans when the time comes.

    As I said in my post above, I can get the case deal through a local dealer I have been buying from for years, and of course that’s not a deal for everybody, that’s just a special situation in which my dealer is not interested in making money out of the case after he sold me the Utopia and the Focal stand (but apparently even with the low price he is making some money as the markup in this business usually hovers around the number 3).

    With your pricing and shipping costs, one has to pay over 100€ to have the case delivered, and that’s without the original box.


    Not trying to ruin you ad here mate, I just honestly believe you would be better off by keeping the case, as selling it might significantly affect your Clear sale when the time comes.
  12. racebit
    No problem at all. I really want you to ruin my deal if it is not a good deal. When I make a sale I want it to be a good deal for both sides. I would not want me or the buyer to regret it later.

    I still think there is no price even close anywhere, at least that I can find. €150/$150 (plus shipping) is the lowest I can find.
    The special price that your long time dealer made to you is really no reference. He could even have offered it to you. Didn't you buy the Utopia from him? That alone warrants a free case, specially because the Utopia should have come with one at the price they sell.

    But we agree, If it doesn't sell, it can be useful in the future as you say. This sale is no priority to me, that is why it is not going any lower, I may even take it from sale following your (and The Correlation) advise.
    Although I think I will not sell the Clear, even if will want in the future, because the depreciation will be too much for me.
    And I think i will not want because even when I will not be using them much, they will my reference headphone for comparisons. But I can change my mind of course :)

    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018

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