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SOLD: Focal Clear, like new, free shipping

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Coolzo, Oct 18, 2018.
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  1. Coolzo
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    For sale is a pair of minty Focal Clear headphones. Second owner, I purchased them from the first owner only a week ago. They're just not quite for me, I'm too addicted to the massive soundstage of the HD800. Fun try though! Super exciting signature, with fantastic bass. Asking $1k, PayPal only. Shipping to CONUS only.

    (Pictures are from the previous owner [with permission], from mere weeks ago. The condition is, of course, exactly the same as it was when these were taken)
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
  2. jean-luc
  3. jjb3

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