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(SOLD) FiiO X7 mk2 + AM3A + AM5 + FiiO K5 docking amplifier

Trader History (1)
  1. Paulo Abreu
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Europe
    Perfectly working and in mint condition, not a single scratch, looks as new. K5 is a very convenient companion to X7 mk2 as a headphone amplifier, SE RCA outputs L/R for home system and as a charging station. Included is the AM5 amplifier which I found to be an overall great performer and with more power for demanding headphones, as well as the original AM3A amplifier with single ended and balanced outputs. Original box and accessories, leather case but not the clear case which I gave away to a forum member.

    Last edited: Apr 26, 2019
  2. Paulo Abreu
    Update: New price € 520,00
    Shipment cost included, registered express, Europe only
  3. Paulo Abreu
    New price € 490,00

    Ps: This will be my lowest price (just AM5 and K5 alone worth € 150,00).
  4. mmoderni
    Hello, if you split the bundle i am interested in just the x7 II with am3A.
  5. Paulo Abreu

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