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SOLD : Fiio X3 (Original) with Accessories

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  1. aiaosu
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    I have an original Fiio X3 in good condition. This one has the Wolfson DAC WM8740 and has a powerful amp section. Warm sound.

    Always has had a screen saver, so the slight scratches you see are actually in the plastic screen saver. I've always had a silicon case over it as well and will include a new, extra one as well (still in plastic). Also included is the HS15 stacking kit (used 4 of the rubber pads/2 remain) and a nice soft bag if you want it. I don't know the battery life but it works and sounds great. No charging cable (standard micro USB).

    Asking $50 plus shipping for everything.
Thread Status:
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