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[SOLD!] FiiO Q5 dac/amp

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  1. Victorfabius
    For Sale
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    It's time to put up this bad boy for sale. Liquidating assets, and I haven't been using this much since I got the FiiO X7II back.

    Works great, and has had no issues working. Due to FiiO's good planning, it has worked with every phone and source I've tried. (Though limited in scope. Still, Topping, take note!)

    Comes with box, most (if not all) accessories, and includes AM3A, naturally. I will also include the iPhone stacking leather case and another leather case with the Q5. I did attach some velcro to the second case, fyi.

    Looking for $290 shipped to conUS. International, AK, HI shipping extra. I charge no PayPal fees.

    Best offers are welcome. Trades are not for this item.

    Pics will be added at a later date.

  2. iron2k
  3. Victorfabius
    Looks like it's a later date, so here are the pics:

    MVIMG_20180903_172803.jpg MVIMG_20180903_172812.jpg MVIMG_20180903_172821.jpg MVIMG_20180903_172828.jpg MVIMG_20180903_172839.jpg MVIMG_20180903_172901.jpg MVIMG_20180903_173441.jpg MVIMG_20180903_173922.jpg MVIMG_20180903_173949.jpg
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