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SOLD : [EU] UM Unique Melody Mentor Universal *PRICE DROP

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  1. prscustom
    For sale are UM Mentor 10driver iems, successors of UM Miracles


    I have to leave these with a heavy heart to get something cheaper for sports,
    the shell is cracked, but all damages are cosmetic,
    it doesnt necessarily need reshelling unless you want them to look brand new.

    There are the best iems i've ever heard by far, especially with the toxic cable it becomes just perfect. But they must go before they get destroyed, hopefully the buyer can take better care than i can.

    I will upload the pics soon.

    *they come with 2x damaged toxic silver/copper cables that needs rewiring, and unused stock cable

    *new they cost 1450$ as customs
    it costs 200$ to reshell,
    you could convert them to brand new customs for just around 700$
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
  2. prscustom
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
  3. prscustom


  4. prscustom
  5. prscustom
  6. jgosroc
  7. prscustom
    In case it wasnt clear from thread, ill say it again.

    The shell has a crack which is glued in place and solid. It is purely cosmetic and sound isnt affected whatsoever.
    These cost 1300$ new, its a very good price for a perfectly functioning pair.
  8. Kalavere
    It might help if we can see the damage. They look a mess in the pictures, no offense.
  9. prscustom
    you think that looked like a mess? :beyersmile:

    i had superglued the crack in place last year and its still rock solid, but the residue makes it look much worse than it actually is.
    thats why i taped the shell.


    Last edited: Jul 22, 2017
  10. prscustom
    i personally have no problem wearing them with the tape, i dont care about how they look, all i care about is sound

    but i mostly use them for sports and these are going to get completely destroyed at this rate. im selling them to buy something more durable (and sacrifice sound...)
  11. jgosroc
    I reckon they look better without the tape. With the tape they look pretty funny. Also the side plate (for the shattered side) looks alright... I think.

    The pictures aren't super clear. One way of selling them, is first to convert into a universal (via new replacement shells), and then selling to recoup costs. Just an idea.
  12. prscustom
  13. jgosroc
    Good point ☝️
  14. prscustom
    reshelling costs around 200$. you would be spending around 750$ in total and have brand new 10driver custom iem that cost 1450€


    these are the successors of the legendary miracles. i had the miracles too, mentors are better.
  15. prscustom
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