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Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by rawrster, Dec 7, 2017.
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    I am looking to sell my Empire Ears Spartan ADEL. I bought these around 2-3 weeks ago and it doesn't quite fit me.

    I will be including the following up for sale:

    1) Empire Ears Spartan ADEl - Universal version
    2) ADEL B1 modules
    3)Stock cable
    4) Null Audio Brevity Cable
    5) Fiio HB1 case
    6) tips - the pictures show a small bag and I have not used any of them

    The grey bi-flange tips and g1 module installed on the earphone will not be included.

    My price is $500 shipped within ConUS. Paypal fees are on you. I am located in NYC and a local pickup would be an option.

    I may entertain trades however you must have good feedback. NYC local trades would be preferred if possible. Some potential trades: Schiit Jotunheim, SE846, UERM. I'm open as long as no cash is added on my end.

    Feedback is right above my post. I have excellent feedback so buy with confidence.
    For reference, this would go for $930 plus shipping on the Empire Ears website.

    I have no idea how to upload pictures now so please go to this link for the pictures:
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    Are these still available?

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  8. rawrster
    Up with a price drop. Straight trade for se846 would be something in would be interested in.

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