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Sold - Empire Ears Legend X - Mint Condition

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  1. harishmirror
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Hello All,

    Up for sale is my beloved Legend X. I am simply in love with the unique sound signature and sub bass presentation. I consider myself a basshead and this is my end game. Unfortunately EE are not able to reshell the universal to custom for me. So listing it for sale to see if I can upgrade to custom. Just craving the wood finish faceplates.

    The IEMs are in mint condition, with almost no scratches and very minimal signs of use. Nothing that is visible to normal eye.

    Includes all that came with the Legend X.. Hard case, box packing, stock 3.5mm Ares II cable, eartips and the cleaning tool. Can add a brand new generic OFC 4.4MM 2pin cable for an additional $20. Price covers Paypal and CONUS shipping. Users with good feedback and presence on Headfi are preferred. Low ball offers will be ignored as the sole purpose of this sale is to go custom and the IEMs are enjoyed by me everyday.

    This unit is covered under warranty till Mar 2019. I recently sent it to EE for a general checkup/cleaning under warranty and received them back. I will provide the receipt for receiving the IEMs from EE after the checkup. No Trades and local pickup welcome in the DC area, for a lowered price.



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  2. harishmirror
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