SOLD Elekit SET Amplifier TU-872LE 2A3 *** Free shipping ***

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    • North America
    It's a very limited edition of 200 done in 2008 mainly limited to Japan with higher quality components than the original TU-872 ( 2001 ) They sound It's really great but my speaker need a little bit more power

    This amplifier has been designed for 2A3 tube and can develop 5W by chanel, but I have installed instead 45 tube
    and the the wattage is only 2W by chanel, here you have the Specifications:

    - Vacuum tube: 2 x 2A3 ( I used instead 2 x Marconi RCA 45 Black Plate and )
    2 x Sylvania 6SN7GTB T Plate Badboy
    - Rated output: 5W+5W (RL=8Ω, 1kHz and Vin=400mVrms)
    - Frequency characteristic: 10Hz - 60kHz (- 3dB and Po=2W@1kHz)
    - Conformity speaker impedance: 4 - 16Ω
    - Output terminal: Large-sized Johnson terminal (banana plug use also)
    - Input terminal: 3 system of RCA jack [LINE1, LINE2 and TAPE (MD)
    - Power source: AC100V 50/60 75 W AC

    I provide a step down transformer and the power cord it's included
    - Dimensions (mm): W220 × H200 × D425 (projection ones it includes)
    - Weight: Approximately 10 kg

    The precedent owner has installed on the top of the amplifier a PC fan!, I removed it and replaced by a wire rack, I removed also in the right side of the amp the switch turning on/of the fan and the 12v connector to feed the fan!
    He had installed the fan but he has had never used!

    I forgot to add, that I replaced all the electrolytic caps

    The amplifier sound great and it hasn't any Hum. The shipping cost in North America should be $40 US
  2. Jaab
    P1130375.JPG P1130376.JPG P1130377.JPG P1130378.JPG P1130379.JPG P1130380.JPG P1130381.JPG P1130382.JPG P1130383.JPG P1130281.JPG P1130284.JPG P1130283.JPG P1130280.JPG P1130281.JPG P1130284.JPG P1130283.JPG P1130280.JPG
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  3. Jaab
    I will offer free shipping in North America (~ $50)
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    I have been asked to add internal photos from de amplifier. Done!

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