Sold. EHHA Revision A, MOSFET version
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Jan 14, 2004
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I purchased this amp in a semi-complete form with known issues. I repaired it, assembled it with additional parts, and it has been working
flawlessly for several months. This is the MOSFET version. The original owner started with kits from Glassjar Audio and a Par-Metal case, but I have changed a few things:
C1H - 4700uF Panasonic FC
C1/2R - 4700uF Pan. FC
C3-6R - Pan. FC
C6/7 - Pan. FM
Input resistors are Caddock TF020's @ 500R
Signal wiring is Cardas litz
Front panel is 3/16" thick instead of the usual 1/8"
The rear panel is one I had left over from a previous build, painted black.
The volume control was provided by the original owner, and is from Glass-Ware. It is a stepped attenuator. The center knob controls both
channels in large steps. The knob on either side controls each channel in smaller steps, sort of like balance controls. Each control
has 6 positions. The resistors are metal film. It has an impedence of only 20K;  with all the knobs all the way down there is still sound, so I added the mute switch above the center control, which switches the input signal.
The power switch is also from Glass-Ware, and is one I have used in several tube builds. It has three positions: Off, Heater power, Amp/Heater
power. That way you can warm up the heaters first to extend the life of the tubes.
Speaking of tubes, it will come with the GE A-frames that came with the kit. I have other tubes available at additional cost if your are interested.
I has four violet colored LED's on the front panel to indicate heater-on and amp-on for each channel.
The enclosure is anodized. The top cover has several imperfections, typical of the manufacturer.
The price does not include shipping. Thanks for looking (and reading).
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