[SOLD!] EE Zeus XR w/Adel CIEM $1000

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  1. Victorfabius
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    Best Offers: Will be considered, but I dropped the price to reflect the reshell cost

    I received this CIEM in a trade, and while it's excellent, it's not going to work long term for me. Problem is that I can't afford to reshell it now, and EE no longer supports ownership changes or CIEM to UIEM reshelling. If you have medium/large ears, this might work as an ersatz UIEM with the right tips.

    I did find a company that seems to be able to do the reshelling, Naga Audio, out of Singapore. It looks like they charge $550 USD to do the reshell to universal. Honestly, I'd love to be able to do this option, but I just don't have the cash to do this.

    Comes with the box, cable and CIEMs with what appears to be the B1 Adel Module only.
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  2. Victorfabius
    Been using these in the intervening time with foam tips. Found some better tips and these are starting to impress. I might have to get them reshelled myself. Still, I won't say no to a good offer right now.
  3. Victorfabius
    Bumping, even though I think they're a bit more awesome now than I did at previous bump.
  4. Victorfabius
    Bump, dropped price.

    No, I’m not dropping the price to $25! Or below $1000. They’re really something special.
  5. Victorfabius
    Bump with pics!

    IMG_20181004_182312.jpg MVIMG_20181004_182425.jpg MVIMG_20181004_182334.jpg MVIMG_20181004_182326.jpg MVIMG_20181004_182350.jpg MVIMG_20181004_182343.jpg MVIMG_20181004_182318.jpg
  6. Victorfabius
    Bump, with final price drop.

    Remember, this is the Zeus XRA, which has the Zeus XIV and Zeus R. Unlike that Massdrop, which has one the one.

    Honestly, I've been using the R more than the XIV.

    Alternatively, purchase one of my other items available and help this brother get these reshelled!
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