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SOLD: DIY Starving Student Millet Hybrid

  1. nyjets28
    I'm selling my SSMH + extra tubes because I'm trying to get some funds to upgrade. I am not the original builder and I cannot remember who I bought this from. But it works great and drives my HD580's great. It comes with the power adapter and a bunch of tubes (3 of 12AE6A and 2 of 12FK6).
    The amp is working fine, however you do need to fiddle a little with the front tube until it gets the right position. and as long as you don't move it too much, it'll be stable. That's the only problem, which is why I'm selling for so cheap. I'm sure anyone with DIY experience can even replace the front tube socket if they wanted to.
    $65 shipped CONUS.
  2. nyjets28
    sold pending payment
  3. nyjets28
    up for sale again
  4. pistolsnipe
    that isn't a starving student, it is the millett hybrid, and imho it is a steal at the price
    maybe if you fix the title you will get more bites, or if you want to upgrade, you can get a diamond buffer and a tread/other power supply upgrade, you basically have yourself a millett hybrid max
    i would take it but i have one already
    ...also, i am assuming that the metal power connector is isolated from the chassis, but you might want to double check, my friend's millett ended in a puff of sadness thanks to that mistake.
  5. ccklone
    Hey Now Rich,
    Finest kind,
  6. bigandtall
    Just missed getting this one! Oh well... great amp. I'll wait out another deal. 

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