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***SOLD***Dita Truth Silver 2-pin (2.5mm, 3.5mm 4.4mm "Awesome" plugs)

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  1. SeeSax
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    Hi Friends,

    Doing some thinning of gear this weekend (and every other weekend) and I have a Dita Truth cable that needs a new home. Cable is in great condition and comes with the 2.5mm TRRS plug, the 3.5mm TRS plug and then the 4.4mm TRRRS plug which cost a completely ridiculous $60! Anyway, all three plugs are included, along with a nice pouch, the Dita box and the user manual. I have the cable neatly wrapped with a velcro clasp that will stay on it.

    As for sound, I love the sound of this cable with a very neutral, black background and very high level of details. Unfortunately, the ergonomics are hit and miss, so I urge you to read a few reviews and see if this will work well for your use case. I simply have too many cables at the moment, so this one is up for sale.

    I am asking $250, shipped and PayPal'd within the US. Elsewhere, please feel free to PM me to discuss shipping options.





    Last edited: Sep 16, 2018
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  2. SeeSax
    Bump for a sizeable price drop.
  3. iron2k
    Is this complete silver or just silver plated???
  4. SeeSax
    I think it's silver-plated copper, but it's best to message Dita to get clarification on that. They are very secretive about what actually makes up the "3T" metals in the VDH cable.

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