sold: Denon D7000 [UK/worldwide?]
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Jan 13, 2007

Due to an unexpected financial issue I have to sell my rig.
My D7000s are 2 weeks old. They are flawless. I haven't been keeping up with street prices (I actually paid for them in September and had to return a faulty pair - these ones have come direct from Denon Japan!) so I don't really know how much they might sell for but I'd expect at least £sold (not including postage or paypal fees) - PM me if you're interested. I'll post pictures later but they really are like new.
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I could post them worldwide but postage will probably be pricey as the smart D7000 box brings the weight to over 2kg and outside of royal mail's airmail limit - insured, I expect it'll be £35ish for EU and £50ish elsewhere. However with the weak £ right now, it might be worth it!

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