SOLD: Dekoni Audio Elite Hybrid HD800/HD800S earpads

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  1. jotry
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    For sale is a pair of lightly used Dekoni Audio Elite Hybrid earpads for the Sennheiser HD800/HD800S. I used these for approximately 6 hours. I am listing these for the absolute lowest price that I will take of $58.

    I had need of these to test out two pairs of headphones at the same time. I could use them in the future, but I'd prefer not to store them away and get some cash back now. Earpads come with everything that came in the box and are in excellent condition. Note that the fabric Dekoni Audio puts between the earpads is not there. I don't understand why they do that when the headphones have a piece in there to keep your ears from touching the drivers already, and for me that thin fabric touched my ears making it annoying.

    I am only shipping these to the United States. Payment via Paypal Goods & Services, shipping included.
  2. jotry
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  3. jotry
    Still here. $31.99 off the retail cost for just a few hours use.
  4. jotry
    Item is now sold

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