**SOLD** Decware ERR Speakers (1 Pair)
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Jun 3, 2013
This add originally had 2 pairs of Decware ERRs to offer. I have sold the nicer looking pair (with Herbies Gliders), but I still have 1 pair left if anybody is interested. I have removed the text that was relevant to selling both pairs and tried to focus on just the pair I have left.  If you have any questions please contact me.  THANKS for looking!

I have 1 pair of Decware ERRs (2 total speakers). If you're reading this you probably know all about them, but more info can be found on Decware's site here: http://www.decware.com/newsite/ERR.html (*note that this link is to the newer ERRx, which IMO are not as nice looking, but a cabinet change was necessary due to shipping damage that was occurring with the previous ERR model).
The speakers I have to offer, however did not get damaged during shipping, they are beautifully veneered in the standard cherry finish and are in great working order and I'm estimating them a conservative 7 out of 10 in appearance. With the usual wear and tear for speakers that are a few years old (couple of light nicks and scuffs here and there). This set has some nicks and some veneer wrinkling that does not show really well in the pictures. The grills have a small snag that also does not show up well in the pictures, however since the grills have 4 sides I place the good side facing forward and the bad side facing back and nobody is the wiser.
These are very tube friendly, with very minimal crossovers and easy to drive with 93dB @ 8 ohms and have this cool mid century style and vibe to them. What else is cool about them is that the capacitors and resistors are on the outside of the cabinets (for all you OCD Audiophiles who try to extract every little bit possible), so it's really easy to cap/res roll.
I'm offering the pair I have left for $1200.
The downside to this sale is that I don't have the original boxes and I don't want to chance shipping these, so they are for local pickup only. If I get my asking price I will drive up to 100 miles to help deliver them from Chula Vista, CA 91915 Zip Code (South San Diego County).
As an alternative, you can purchase the shipping materials from Decware and send them to me and I can pack and ship them for you. I am unsure of the total cost that would be associated with this though.
These are pretty rare and don't come up for sale very often, so please contact me if you have any questions and thanks for looking!
(as far as the pics ~ the set I have available are the ones on the right (the set on the left have been sold already) and I have some more pics, so if you need something specific let me know)
p.s. I know I'm new to selling items here, but these are available locally for viewing anytime and I welcome anybody who wants to inspect them prior to purchasing.
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