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SOLD - dCS Debussy DAC - MINT condition - less than 50 hours - 220V or 110V

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  1. christoffer.braathen
    For Sale
    Selling my practically unused dCS Debussy DAC
    MINT condition - less than 50 hours.
    220V or 110V with original remote and Synergistic Research fuse.
    $4.000 including WW shipping.
    If you are looking at this ad, you know what this product is and does, so no need to explain.
    MSRP $11.499 and high praises everywhere.
    One review here: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/dcs-debussy-dac-tas-209
    Shipping worldwide with FedEx. or National Postal Service. Wire Transfer or PayPal (add 2.5 % fee). I will send tracking number in advance of transfer should you want it - packaged not shipped, but shippment generated.
    Absolutely mint condition, no movement or dust since installation in rack. Selling due to little use, as I'm mostly using my Meridian Sooloos as source.
    Also selling other equipment - contact me with any questions:
    $ 500 - AKG K3003i In-ear Headphones With Cell Phone Microphone and Buttons - Org. $1.500 - as new
    $1.200 - Audioquest Sky with DBS XLR to RCA 1m - 2 pairs available - as new
    $ 800 - Shunyata ZiTRON Phyton XLR 1m - 1 pair available - as new
    $ 100 - CEntrance DACport DAC/Amp Combo - as new
    Best Regards,

    Christoffer Braathen
    Voskenkollveien 23
    0790 Oslo
    Phone +47 90600000
  2. ncmashuai
    what is best price shipping to LONDON by pay using GBP 
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