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[SOLD] Darkvoice 336SE - Tube Headphone Amp + Extra Tubes

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  1. shiaulou
    For Sale
    Hi all,
    I'm selling a USED Darkvoice 336se. It's in very good condition, with nearly no signs of wear. No detectable cosmetic damage and functions perfectly. Excellent all tube amp for the value & very well reviewed by head-fi'ers. I'm the second owner and I've used it approximately 50 hours. 
    Includes 4 tubes: Tung Sol 6SN7GT (a $35 premium tube), RCA 6SN7GT VT-231, stock 6N5P (coke bottle shaped) and stock 'J2' (probably a inexpensive chinese tube). I also have a RCA 6AS7G that may not be working (it tested negative when I tried), I'll throw it in for fun just in case it does work.
    Asking SOLD by Paypal. Prices includes FREE shipping to CONUS. All other head-fi'ers please contact me for a shipping estimate. I'll ship internationally in most situations, but postage will cost extra.
    By the way, this guy is heavy, over 17 lbs, so the shipping box will be heavy!
    Item will be shipped from Connecticut, if you're in the area local pick-up is welcome.
    I have solid feedback here and on Ebay (130+ positive).
    I'm also selling a few other headphones and amps, please check my profile > "Recent Activity"
    I'm planning to move and start a new job in a few weeks so I'm trying to downsize my belongings, unfortunately!
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