Sold! Dared VP-20 tube mono blocks!
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Oct 14, 2007
Selling some amps that I have had sitting around for a while.

Last but not least the mighty Dared VP-20 tube mono blocks. I'm looking for $SOLD <price drop> for the pair plus I have a couple of sets of 6L6 tubes for these guys. Great little speaker amps - take a look at this 6moons review: 6moons audio reviews: Dared VP-20

Buyer for these will pay PP fees and shipping unless we work something out <hint>.

Zana Deux #40 lowered price SOLD! with low hour original tubes and crate - its been sitting in the crate since well before Can Jam - I purchased a ZDT for both speakers and HP so this one needs a home:

TTVJ Millet Hybrid Portable, I'd like to get TRADED! <drop commensurate with retail price drop> for this. Please see TTVJ page and a nice picture of the insides at Stereophile: TTVJ Millett Hybrid Amp - $419.00 : TTVJ, Todd The Vinyl Junkie Stereophile: Head-Fest 2007: Head-Fi Meets Silicon Valley

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