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[SOLD] Danacable Lazuli Reference for Audeze/ZMF

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  1. ezekiel77
    Hi guys, up for sale is bar none, the best cable I've ever heard. The Lazuli Reference earned its stripes as the best match for the Utopia, but it does wonders for other cans too. The note richness, utter detail and superb imaging are second to none. They accomplish all this while remaining absolutely smooth and liquid. I'm selling only because I don't use it enough to justify keeping it.

    The cable is 3 metres (9 feet 11 inches) long, in excellent condition (less than 30 hours usage), with Audeze mini-XLR connectors and terminated in balanced 4-pin XLR. These options will set you back $1299 if new. I'm asking for $SOLD nett to me. Please add 4.9% PayPal (or gift). Shipping should be another $25-35 depending on location. I use either EMS or FedEx. Thanks for looking.

    Last edited: Sep 30, 2017
  2. ezekiel77
Thread Status:
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