Sold: Corda Prehead MkII SE - 230V
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Apr 22, 2002
I sell my Corda Prehead Mk II SE, it is the special version with a stepped attenuator and better capacitors than the standard version. Meier Audios best amp at the time. As always with crossfeed and it is also great as a preamp.
It is soon four years old but in excellent condition, fully functional and without scratches. With manual and original packaging. I am the only owner.

Price: 350 Euro + shipping from Sweden (EU)

Payment by PayPal or bank transfer.


[size=small]Some specifications:[/size]

Corda Prehead

It offers the same functionality as the regular version of the PREHEAD MkII, such as a variable natural crossfeed filter, different output impedances, multiple inputs and a discrete tone control (including high-cut filter) of the highest quality.

However, instead of a conventional potentiometer this amp uses a 24-step high quality stepped attenuator for volume control (DACT).

Moreover, all polypropylene capacitors have been replaced by polystryrol versions. These are very expensive, but honestly, there simply aren't better capacitors available!

- 2 headphone outputs ( 0/120 Ohm output impedance ).

- Maximum output 13V / 800 mA.

- Gain switch. Maximum gain factors 6.5 / 19 dB.

- Variable crossfeed filter switch (no crossfeed / low / medium crossfeed)

4 pairs of inputs.

1 pair of volume-controlled preamplifier outputs.

1 pair of passive bypass outputs on input pair 4.

24-fold stepped attenuator by DACT for volume control.


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