SOLD: Corda Opera analog [UK/worldwide]
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Jan 13, 2007

Although I would like to wait until I've actually got my new Symphony before selling my Opera, I'm on holiday at the end of this week and part of next week and it's going to be much easier for me to lug this thing to the post office then. Hopefully the Symphony will be ready soon....
Anyway, it's in perfect condition operationally and nearly perfect condition cosmetically, just one small mark on the top front bezel that has been there since new (pictured). It's 3½ months old and comes with its original packaging.

I would like to get at least SOLD (n/inc. shipping & pp fees) for it, but given the hugely increased ease of posting, I will take the best offer before the end of my holiday. I will post worldwide; bear in mind when making your offer that shipping to the UK is £20.70 by special delivery next day, Europe is around £50 by Parcelforce International Standard, and elsewhere is £90 or more (ouch!). I think these prices are right, I haven't weighed the amp yet and I'm estimating from what I remember last time I sold an Opera (don't ask...). If I don't get enough interest by Wednesday I'll put it on eBay with a low starting price.
I can take a bank transfer from UK or Euro buyers to save paypal fees if you like but I'd need to have time for it to clear.

Anyway, PM me your offer and I'll get back to you. Head-fi fb here.


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