SOLD: CIAudio VDC•9.0 Power Supply (for Squeezebox Duet or Wadia 170i) + 2 custom Locus Design DC power cables for SB Duet
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Apr 17, 2006
PJ here with another great sale.

This time it's a killer power supply for the Squeezebox Duet receiver or Wadia 170i, plus superb custom DC cables for the SB Duet that make a huge difference over the stock cable that comes with the CIAudio power supply. CIAudio VDC9.0 comes with stock cables for SB Duet and Wadia 170i.



CIAudio VDC•9.0 Linear Regulated Power Supply for Squeezebox Duet or Wadia 170i iPod Transport. Comes with stock DC cables for Wadia 170i and SB Duet, and a power cord. (New price cost: $279 + shipping)

2 Locus Design Group custom DC cables to connect SB Duet and CIAudio VDC•9.0. I don't think people really realize how much of a difference these make over the garbage stock cable that comes with the CIAudio. I have two of them, and each one was built custom to my specifications and both will result in different sound signatures. One allows the midrange to be more upfront with accurate bass detail; the other is more focused towards a wider soundstage and slightly recessed midrange. You will want both so you can find the best pairing with your DAC and Amp. (New price cost: $300 + shipping. [$150 for each])

The CIAudio VDC•9.0 and 2 Locus Design Group cables: $SOLD + shipping

The improvement this power supply + cables makes to the Squeezebox Duet is extremely significant. This linear regulated power supply generates clean power, unlike the standard switching power supply that comes with the Squeezebox Duet which generates lots of noise. The custom DC cables will give you the biggest surprise over the stock cable in sound quality. You will be shocked.

Buy with confidence. I have A+++ feedback. Please see the link in my signature. PayPal accepted. Please send as Personal Gift to avoid fees.

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