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  1. hung031086
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    Selling my Mojo that i just bought brand new with sealed box from a headfi member a few days ago. So i bought it from here and i can provide the original receipt to get full warranty.
    It has under 10 hours now. It like news, nothing is wrong, no scratches or anything. It will come with original box and accessories.
    Btw i have a new Mojo Dignis PU Leather case is on the way for delivery. I will sell it for $50
    Price doesn't include shipping and fee.
    20180613_222344.jpg 20180613_222348.jpg 20180613_222354.jpg 20180613_222403.jpg 20180613_222423.jpg
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  2. hung031086
    Just added some pics.
  3. hung031086
    Price dropped. Having an emergency situation. SO need it go fast.
  4. haoyuan
    Good price, with warranty. BUMP for OP

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