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SOLD: Chord Mojo - Battery 90% - Excellent Condition

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  1. jwbrent
    For Sale
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    • North America
    I purchased this Chord Mojo brand new 2 years ago from Fat Wyre, an authorized dealer. It is in perfect working condition, and I would rate the cosmetic condition 9/10. Included is everything that came with it plus 2 high quality rubber straps for stacking.

    My primary use for the Mojo was indoors in my bedroom, so I always kept it connected to power per Rob Watts advice when used in this manner. As a result, the battery is pretty much how it was as new, but I’m going to rate it 90% just to be safe.

    Please note the QR Code on the chassis proving this is not an old version.

    I have stellar feedback from over 40 transactions in the last ten years on Head-Fi, so purchase with confidence. Shipping and PayPal is extra.

    Last edited: Jan 18, 2019
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