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[Sold]Chord Hugo 2 (black)

Trader History (9)
  1. kyle1010
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    Best offer:
    2D2D557C-E41C-455F-8382-A8291EC51E12.jpeg F61BC971-7336-4D17-9B9B-E81DFEC8E116.jpeg D2EA8EA6-B4C0-45C1-96BE-B8A509F6CADA.jpeg 06F0E581-B68F-4503-BCA9-7DD864B407B6.jpeg For sale is a black Chord Hugo 2 in like new condition. Comes with original box and all accessories. Willing to accept reasonable offers in line with used market pricing. Buyer pays PayPal fees, I’ll pay shipping to US. Thanks for looking!
  2. pjk1
    Sent pm
  3. Buster1679
    Wow, that’s an extremely low price to sell this unit for.

    I bet you already sold it.
  4. kyle1010
    Actually no it’s still available.

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