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SOLD: Chord Hugo 2 - Black for Sale

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  1. cj3209
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • North America
    On the fence on this sale but it IS just sitting on my desk, looking pretty in black...

    Mint (low hours) - orginal owner; purchased in mid January 2018 from Moon-Audio so has the remainder of the 5-year warranty. Includes box and all accessories and a nice black leather case that Moon Audio threw in.

    CONUS and shipped/paypalled at $1799 USD. Item is really MINT w/no scratches/dings/dents that I can see.

    The H2 is revealing as hell - scary, actually. Pics coming later on...

  2. CreditingKarma
    How would you compare the Hugo 2 vs the SP1000cu. I really like the SP1000cu and pair it with ALO CV5 when I need more power. I was looking into options for upgrades. Maybe a Yiggy or pro idsd. Would you consider the Hugo 2 an upgrade over the SP1000?
  3. cj3209
    I consider it a different flavor. The SP1k is smooth and the H2 is more 'reference' and revealing. Really depends on what you want to hear and the type of music.
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